Graceful Swimmers

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 The following are the terms and conditions :-

(1) Fee : $335 (this fee is for 12 sessions but we will add 3 free sessions to accommodate menses.  You are welcomed to join the class even during your menses week if you wish to)

(2) Duration : 15 weeks / 1 hour weekly

(3) Commencement :  24/6/2019 onwards

(4) Day/Time/Venue : Please select under options

(5) Maximum class size :- 10 pax

(6) Syllabus 

(a) Pre-Intermediate - Freestyle, refinement of breaststroke & treading water

(b) Intermediate - Backstroke, refinement of freestyle, tumble turn, treading water

(c) Advance - Butterfly, refinement of backstroke, straddle jump,  crouching/standing dive

(7) Class will be cancelled and postponed to the following week ONLY in the event of the following :-

(a)  PSI above 150 ; or

(b) The coach is too sick to teach.

(c) any other emergency which the coach may have to attend. 

(8)  No make up will be provided for lightning alert.  In the event of lightning alert when we are already at the pool, the coach will conduct land drills or strength exercises according to your fitness level.  

(9) all unattended sessions will be considered forfeited and no refund will be given.  There will NOT be any make-up classes provided for unattended lessons. 

(10) To reserve this slot you are required to pay $335.  Should you decide to withdraw, the sum of $135 will be forfeited.   You can either opt to make the payment of $335 via credit card or bank transfer to OCBC ACCOUNT NO. 6951 1881 0001 within 5 days from reserving the slot, failing which the slot will be released to the public. If you are doing an online transfer, please take a picture of the transaction advice and send it to us at 9879 6855 via whatsapp with your Order Number.

(11) in the event the class cannot be formed, i.e. less than 5 participants, we reserve the right to cancel the class and refund of the full payment will be made.

Please note that once the fee is paid, the slot will be reserved for you. In the event you decide to withdraw, you will need to find a replacement to take the slot, failing which part of the fees of $135 will be forfeited and only the balance $200 will be refunded to you if you give notice at least 1 month prior to the class starting date. No refund will be made in the event notice is given less than 1 month prior to class commencement or when class has started. 

Thank you!  

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