Our Story

The Muslimah Swim Coach who evolved to designing and manufacturing Modest Swimwear

Assalamualaikum.  Welcome to the Graceful Swimmers website.  My name is Bibi Haneeza Said Akbar.
As a swimming coach, I have been conducting swimming classes since 2013.   During those classes, I would observe the challenges the Muslimah ladies encountered while swimming in their burqinis. Previously, I would not be wearing the typical burqini as I found the material and cut of the outfits to be draggy in the water, causing a lot of resistance which slowed me down in the water while I was coaching.   I would wear swim tights, swim skirt and a rashguard and to be honest, I didn’t feel like I was appropriately modest during those times. What I found to be lacking in the market was for swimwear that was modest and yet functional for rigorous swims.
For my students who were wearing the normal burqini, the usual wardrobe malfunction was the dress tops would float up to expose their back and I would be walking around in the water, pulling their tops to cover their back or having to ask them to tuck in their tops to avoid the exposures that happened.
After getting annoyed at the constant malfunctioned suits my students were wearing, I said out loud to my students “One fine day, I am going to design my own Muslimah swimwear, one that would be stylish, functional and yet maintain the modesty of the Muslim lady and anyone who is interested to reduce the sun exposure to their skin”.   
In 2016, I finally managed to get the prototype ready and I personally tested them in the water.  The suit had to be of quality material, with UPF50 sun protection, maintain the lady’s modesty and just as importantly, it had to be comfortable for the ladies to swim umpteenth laps without feeling dragged down by the material.  
After the test swims with the suits, modifications were done and we now have 16 designs/colours in our catalogue. The styles would suit most tastes, from the lady who is just spending some leisure time at the beach or pool with their family and friends to the sporty active girl who wants to get a good workout from swimming continuously without being constantly worried about whether their aurah is exposed when they swim.
Our philosophy :  We hope to provide you the opportunity to get a good workout swimming in a comfortable and stylish suit that has your aurah covered.  And even if you are just relaxing with your family and friends, your modesty is preserved in and out of the water.
Our Mission : Bringing quality swimwear to the Muslimahs of the world, in shaa Allah.